Farewell My Serpentine

from by Solarisis

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Introduced into a loveless tomb
An angel plunged from the sky
Doing time, emotional quarantine
These were feelings alien to me
A gracious unspoiled Rapunzel
She beckoned me with her song
Plaits entwined, love was reckless
Foolish to think she would fall for me

The glimpse of hope inside me
Shattered with certainty of defeat
Now released from this burden
To be thrown right back onto my feet
In this love of attrition, no more pain did predominate
Desire was feeding my serpentine
And cloud nine was lost to inferno

Purveyor of dreams
Beaten down I yearn to give not to take
My will is now to stand down
To stand down and share you with all of the world

Cast away inside a loveless tomb
Like thunderbolts from the sky
From cloud nine came crystal rains crashing down
Feeding feelings alien to me
Malicious coiled-up Mephisto vacated me with great force
Now enraptured with absence of jealousy
Here I see what festered within me

This leap above humanity
Triggered by certainty of defeat
Now released from this burden
To be lifted right up from my feet
In this infatuation no more pain did predominate
That time I said farewell my serpentine
And cloud nine did conquer inferno

This light awakened
Can't resist the body's repossession
Evil beckoned to return
Slave to the Yin Yang principle
Once evicted, but not forever expelled
My soul again is corrupted
It lurks, it lingers
It sleeps until another chapter begins


from Of Plague Proportions, released August 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Solarisis Enschede, The Netherlands

Solarisis was a melodic death metal band from the Enschede area in The Netherlands, active from 1996 to 2007 and fronted by Gijs van Ouwerkerk. Similar bands: Hypocrisy, God Dethroned and Bolt Thrower.

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